Greeting by the Secretary-General

Dear Organizers, Chairs, Delegates, and Members of the MUN Community,

It is my great pleasure to invite you all to the first edition of the International Model United Nations of BetàniaBatmos (IMUNBP). This project is an evolution of more than ten years of a local MUN in our school. Several important changes have been made up to this point. This year, in an effort to increase the seriousness of, and the dedication to the project, the local organizers showed initiative to jump into international terrain, thus creating this first edition of IMUNBP.

IMUNBP will be a conference of opportunity to strengthen interschool, interpersonal, and private networks and relationships through cultural activities. Thanks to technology and its development, we have the amazing possibility to travel around the world much faster than before. Contact with other countries, other cultures, and other people, always adds up to social abilities and the capacity to understand and accept differences. This conference is but a small step to help students and young people create a world in which these personal differences will not be a matter of concern.

Not only is physical contact with other cultures helpful, but intellectual contact and identification is so too. To my understanding, the main purpose of an MUN is the ability to adapt to, understand and defend thoroughly a series of ideas that do not necessarily align with those of the Delegate. These conferences also raise awareness of the way politics works. Chairs must formally regulate a debate between world powers, and they must have the capacity to cope with all the responsibility this involves.

However, IMUNBP is not only a few days of debate, but also the stay in Barcelona and the chance to enjoy such a beautiful city. Through social activities, city trips, housing experiences, and the Official Party, you will get to know or, at least, get a hint of, the Catalan capital city, its culture, and its traditions.

Although it is true that a great organization is important to develop an MUN, our team represents few of all the people involved. It is the Chairs, Delegates, Staff, or Press team, among others, that make the difference. We trust that, in the same way the organizers are putting their best efforts into organizing IMUNBP, you will also do your best to have fun, get to know new people, and make the MUN experience better for everyone.

I am looking forward to this first edition of IMUNBP. All the Organizing Team is working hard to make this a great MUN experience for everyone involved. We want this to be the first of many editions of IMUNBP, and I am certain this will be the case.

Welcome to IMUNBP!

Joan Pareja

Secretary-General of IMUNBP 2023